Nearby beach 

Nai Harn Beach is a truly stunning beach

Nearby beachIt is more than a kilometer of beautiful sand, surrounded by a long headland to the north and a short high headland to the south. The beach slopes smoothly into the sea and there is nothing but sand to disturb your toes.  A perfect romantic getaway can be had at beautiful Nai Harn Beach. Here you can enjoy the convenience of a southern beach withauth the crowds and be close to Phuket Town. Nai Harn offers tranquil seclusion in a tropical forest that overlooks a beautiful beach.  Nai Harn has shallow waters, making it safe for those who want to simply bask in the sun. At the southern end of the beach ia a saltwater lagoon. It empties and fills with the tide. This often creates a stream of shallow, gently flowing water that is a good play area for children.
Phuket ArkadiaSometimes the tide leaves behind a shallow pool on the beach that the sun heats to bath like temperatures. There you wil find also exotic long tail boats that can take you to the smaller islands close to phuket island for a small price. You can spend a day exploring seclude islands as your guide awaits on the boat.
Nearby beachNearby beach
The most wonderful thing about staying at Nai Harn Beach is that you are still relatively close to all of the shopping, restaurants, attractions and more populated beaches in the area. You are also close to charming Phuket Town where you can explore the history of Phuket Island. Yet at Nai Harn you can also have privacy and tranquility during your romantic Phuket Island getaway.
During the high season from November to May the bay of Nai Harn is a favorite anchorage for yachts due to the protection from winds that the surraunding headlands afford, and the quiet calm of the water here. This also makes delightful swimming conditions. Many residents of Phuket chose this beach for swimming due to such ideal conditions, and to the fact that there is never a big crowd here.
Nearby beachRight at the back of the beach, in the centre, is a Buddhist retreat. Monks live here, but it is not yet a fully-fledged monastery. But its existence protects this important past of the beach from further development, for in Thailand monastery land cannot be sold or developed easily. A little behind this retreat is a large reservoir which also holds off development and guarantees an open, green future for Nai Harn.